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A Systemic Learning Technology Enabling You To Squeeze Time To Your Lifecycle And Grow Faster

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This 63-pages eBook Reveals...

How to scale your TRL 5-8 start-up and be investor ready for your next funding round

  • By understanding your challenges of growing Productivity and prioritising your Innovation and Market Deployment Action

  • Even if you are New to Systems Business Coaching….

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Only 3% of Start-ups go on to Scale-Up (EU Start-up and Scale-up Initiative 2019) or 70% of companies disappear in the valley of death, or become self-sustaining after their first seed investment (CB Insights).  Only three of Europe's most valuable scaleups are profitable. Of the 20 top unicorns in Europe, only three are in the black. (Sifted Nov 22)


This quick guide to scaling focuses on start-ups past the search phase (problem-solution fit) having moved into the execution phase of their business model (product-market fit), or from a funding cycle past “bootstrapping” and moving towards series A funding. We give you a “cheat sheet” of sorts, that lays out some of the key challenges and how to overcome them.

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What's Inside The eBook How To Unlock Successful Scale Up Growth?

Vector illustration of a diverse group of professionals working together on a project

How to close the gap between what your organisation aspires to do and what it is currently capable of doing. (Business Readiness Level Assessment)

Vector illustration of people gathered around a table, shaking hands and celebrating the successful completion of a project

GTM, Strategy, Hiring, Operating Engine and Infrastructure. (ITS - Systems quadrants)

Vector illustration depicting a group of individuals collaborating and discussing, symbolizing the evaluation.

Evaluating and expanding the capacity of founders' team, your collaboration, and your culture. (We - Culture quadrant)

Vector illustration representing leadership, with a person standing at the forefront, guiding and inspiring a group of indivi

What kind of leadership is your organisation needing from you? (I/IT - Consciousness and Leadership Competencies quadrants)

What Will You Learn From This Book?

What Will You Learn From This Book?

The book is not just an Accelerator check list on how to achieve pre-scaling, we disrupt your thinking patterns and use questions to explore in each chapter as a reflective tool, for example:

How to polish the management readiness or senior team capability as an essential driving force to increase and grow your start-up?

How to overcome internal complex and emerging challenges to increase performance?

How is your strategy translated into clear objectives and how will these be achieved?

What kind of leadership your direct reports need in order for them to perform in their roles?

You will not learn about fundraising strategies if you are seeking to raise funds.

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Diagram of BC Coaching core values: IT leadership skills, mindfulness, self-understanding, and continuous learning.

The 63-pages eBook is based on an Integrative and Systemic Approach to Change. This integral  framework, when applied to scaling a startup, can help to shed light on the interconnection of all the different aspects of a company, and how they work together to support growth and success – the individual founder (I/IT quadrants); the collective – the founder's team (WE) and the external operational investors' lens (ITS)

Change in any one quadrant or the external context, impacts all quadrants, thereby the efficiency of scaling and crossing the death valley (TRL 4/5 - TRL 7/8)

Therefore, each quadrant represents a different aspect of the startup, and each must be considered and managed effectively for the startup to scale successfully.


Tomorrow’s managers will need to know how to build a learning organization (where progress is measured by validated learning) and an execution organization (where progress is measured according to traditional value streams). They will need to know how to combine those organizations into one coherent whole. (Eric Ries the Lean Start-up)

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Business Consultation

What Do Some Of Our Clients Say About Our Systemic Business Coaching Approach? 

Client reference comments

We worked with Bernard when our company was rapidly growing which alone is a huge strain but for us it was particularly difficult because we were mostly scientists with no previous business experience. We were a set of effective individuals working together but we were not a proper team. Bernard helped us see our strengths but also identified our weaknesses so we could overcome them effectively.

I can only say thank you, Bernard, for the support and all the learnings.


━ Maria Fátima Lucas Co-founder and CEO at ZYMVOL, EU Prize for Women Innovators 2020 winner.

See linkedin profile comment

Bernard Chanliau, is an award-winning Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Certified Team Coach (ACTC) with the leading global organization for coaches and coaching (ICF) and owner of BC Team Coaching Ltd. A sought-after professional Executive Leadership and Business Start-up coach / advisor working from the CEO level on down, with 6000 (ICF) hrs under supervision, he has helped hundreds of senior leaders in the last decade (directors and above) accelerate their leadership careers and achieve business objectives in a wide range of industries.

With 15+ years of experience, he has partnered with over 100 portfolio companies across Europe from pre-seed to IPO. Most were facing challenges of growing productivity crossing the Death Valley from TRL 6-9, by increasing their transfer of learning and their internal capabilities to achieve sustainable growth.

Specialities are leadership and people related issues, upgrading the business model and strategic execution leading to a faster market entry for Start-ups improving their IRL ‘investment readiness level’.

BC Team Coaching links senior team performance with firm performance directly enabling the benchmark of the start-up top management team.

Bernard’s background includes 15 years in the high-tech sector with global Fortune 500 firms, reaching board level, where he executed in strategic sales, and operational collaborative leadership roles throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Learn by doing and apply the suggested tools in the eBook with the author using our Business System framework:

About The Author
Business Coaching Services EIC Partner

Business Coaching Services

Get the push and accountability you need through weekly ratings, 360 degree reviews, and aggressive milestones from in-between sessions. Our learning methodology provides unparalleled structure to simplify the start-up building process

Individual Leadership Coaching

Executive Team Coaching (WE -quadrant)

Senior Leadership Team coaching seeking to understand the linkage between leadership team management performance and organizational performance.

Investment Readiness Coaching

Individual Leadership Coaching (I/IT - quadrants)

Alignment of the inner-self quadrant of the executive’s underlying thinking (i.e. identity attachment), mindsets (i.e. shadow integration), beliefs about their leadership and outer-self micro-leadership behaviours (i.e. delegation skills) with impact on the organisation (WE/ITS quadrants).

Senior Team Coaching

Investment Readiness Coaching (ITS - quadrant)

Business Readiness Level (BRL) Systems Coaching – Review of BRL assessment result – Hiring/Onboarding, Go2market strategies, Business Process, Vision..

Three Reasons To Choose BC Team Coaching:


Entrepreneurial coaching is reflection and action based learning as opposed to the expert-consultation side of mentoring, improving accountability for your own success


We value learning because we believe the effectiveness of organisational learning is the most important competitive advantage for startups and, as organisational environments change faster, so the rate of learning must increase.


Our experience of the Startup Ecosystem as an EIC Partner, expertise in leadership / people management combined with the Global Professional Standard in Executive / Business Coaching. See our client start-up references by connecting with the author on LinkedIn

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 ****Remember, every startup's journey is unique, and personalized coaching can make a significant difference in navigating your path to success.


  • As a reader, it can help you better understand the Systemic Approach to Change concepts in the eBook, apply them effectively, and strategize your next steps.

  • As a startup owner, understanding the interconnection of all the different aspects of your company, and how they work together to support growth and success.

  • Experiencing laser coaching with the author in one of the AQAL quadrants pending your challenges and make informed decisions leading to successful scaling.

  • Reflecting on tailored strategies specific to your startup’s unique challenges and growth stage.

  • Increasing the resilience of your organization as our Systemic Business model provides you with the tools and strategies you need to effectively manage risk and respond to challenges.

**** Remember, the goal of this free consultation is to help you turn insights into action and secure your startup’s future.

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